The Forest Roofs Team



Charles started Forest 5 years ago and has been in roofing since he graduated from college 13 years ago. He still visits with clients, and there is a good chance you will meet him at some point. Charles spends most of his time with his 4 year old daughter Dylan and getting ready for # 2 coming this summer. He used to love all the seasonal time off he got in roofing that allowed him to travel around the world extensively until he met Jasmine and decided that made him even happier. He is also a passionate fly fisherman, scuba diver, runner, and is a music nut.

Jasmine Whatley
Jasmine is our office manager and also Charles’ wife. She is the backbone of the whole company. Jasmine grew up in Denver and graduated from West Virginia. When she’s not working she is usually taking care of their daughter Dylan and also their baby who is coming this summer. Like all of us, she loves being outside and gets to the mountains every time that she has the chance.

Casey Kreis
Casey is a life long friend of our owner and transitioned into roofing from the golf school industry. A passionate golfer, he can go up against just about anybody and hold his own. He is also an excellent fly fisherman who has caught trophy trout everywhere from Oregon to New Zealand. Casey is known for his friendliness and passion for the details in each of his projects.

You can find Ellie with Charles most days. She enjoys life to the fullest and is just happy to be wherever she is. She loves visiting jobs! She also loves running, fishing, and chasing birds.