About Forest Roofs


Forest Roofs was founded under the principal that consistency, good communication, and an extremely hands on approach are the keys to a good roofing company. The systems and procedures that we have taken from many years of experience in roofing, along with the best materials in the market, have been the cornerstone of our business. Forest Roofs are put together very specifically, and are geared towards clients that want a quality job. From the materials to the labor, it is how we would do our own roofs. Our prices are reasonable, but we are not the company that is going to be the lowest bidder. We are the people that you call when you want the best possible roof that you can get, from a quality and customer service standpoint.

Hi, My name is Charles Whatley and I am the owner of Forest Roofs. Roofing was the first job that I had out of college 11 years ago. I inspect every single roof that is built by my company. We have found that by doing roofs the way that we would do our own, we could build a referral based business that we could be proud of. When I created the template for my company, the only thing that I had in mind was quality. That is what you will get with us.

If you are ever having any sort of issue with your project, or you simply just have a question and would like to speak to the owner, I invite you to contact me via text or phone call 24/7. My cell phone number is (303) 591-5601. We are local, easy to find, and we are not going anywhere. Thanks for your interest in our company!