About Forest Roof

1. Synthetic Felt

Instead of tar paper felt, we always use our own custom synthetic felt. It is impossible to tear, safer to walk on, and most importantly can keep an entire roof dry, even before there are shingles on it.

2. Ice & Water Shield

We use an ice and water shield in valleys, under all flashing, and around all penetrations.

3. Step Flashing

We always replace step flashing. There are holes in it.

4. Malarkey Vista Shingles

Simply the best. They look the best, they seal the best and they are class 3 hail rated. Every shingle is made using recycled material, and their reputation is second to none.

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5. Six Nails per Shingle

We always use 6 nails per shingle to maximize wind resistance.

6. Perma Boots

Perma boots cover the entire pipe jack, completely eliminating the risk of leaks from age and weather.

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7. Quality Control

We pay attention to the small stuff. Every roof is inspected by multiple people to ensure quality.