What’s up with multiple layers of roofing felt?

One our biggest pet peeves at Forest Roofs is when we tear off a roof and realize that there are multiple layers of felt. This happens when the roofers are too lazy to tear it off. You might think that it just comes up with the rest of the felt, but it doesn’t. It creates […]

Open valleys vs closed valleys

There is a great deal of variance in peoples preferences for having their valleys built in a way that exposes the metal called an “open valley”, or choosing to use a California Cut valleys where you cannot see the metal, if there is metal at all. Here’s our opinion: Open valleys: Some people prefer the […]

What is step flashing

Step flashing is a type of flashing that goes where a roof meets a sidewalk and stops water from penetrating the roof as it rolls down into the gutter. The gap between the roof and sidewalks are a very common area for leaking, especially when the flashing is re-used and has holes in it. A […]

What is a chimney cricket?

A chimney cricket looks like a small, elevated roof behind a chimney which prevents waster from hitting the back of it dead on and causing leaks over time. The general standard for when to install one is when the chimney is wider than 30″ where the water is hitting it. This enables the water to […]

How does licensing work for roofing companies in Colorado?

One of the most important things to look into when choosing a roofing contractor is that they are licensed. Licensing allows you to pull a permit and have a roof inspected and the results documented for future records. Licensing works differently across the country. A lot of places have state-wide licensing. Some places have licensing […]

What is drip edge?

A major component of a decent roof is drip edge. Drip edge is a 2 inch by either 2 or 4 inch piece of metal that goes along all of the edges of your roof. It goes under the drip edge on the peaks, and over the drip edge at the gutter line. The main […]

3 tab vs Architectural shingles

Asphalt shingles were first manufactured in the early 1900’s. By the 1950’s they had evolved into single layer strips of rolled asphalt with 3 tabs cut into them. This is what you see in the picture on the left. This is the standard 3 tab shingle. These were once the most common asphalt shingles in […]

What are the best shingles on the market?

In this blog we will look into different kinds of asphalt shingles in the market. There are many different brands and types, and we cannot discuss all of them, but we will point out our favorites and least favorites. Lets divide up the list into 4 categories: not as good, good, better, and best Not […]

Forest Roofs blog

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